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The directing duo Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK Telugu Ringtones asked their followers on Wednesday to support veteran Telugu actor Pavala Shiyamala, who is currently in trouble.

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The creators of Family Man took to Twitter and shared a fundraising link for Shyamala. They said the actor was in a "difficult situation" and needed help.

"We urge you to support veteran actress Pavala Shiyamala from Telugu. She is in a difficult situation, has extreme financial difficulties and is seeking help. We are doing our best. We encourage our friends and colleagues to contribute for their support. Thank you very much. "they have written.

Shamala started her acting career at Telugu Cinema in 1984 with the Film Challenge. Over the years he has appeared in hits such as "Khadgam", "Andhrawala", "Baba Lodge" and "Golimar".

The fundraiser, which was launched on, said the actor was in financial trouble and was even struggling to make ends meet.

"She has a daughter who is also bedridden and sick. Her daughter has tuberculosis. To get sick, she also has to sell gifts and trophies to get money," he wrote.

The fundraiser, which aims to collect 5 nail polishes for the actor, will immediately provide Shyamala with financial suppot or her survival and medical expenses.

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